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Thread: How often do you buy new gear?

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    How often do you buy new gear?

    How long do you usually wait until your replace your older gear? Do you wait during a specific time or do you wait till the gear starts looking worn out?

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    I do not really follow a specific time frame for me to buy new gears. I'll just buy new ones if I think that what I am currently using is old enough or already used up. But I see to it that I always have extra gears so that when the one that I am using could be used anymore, I already have an extra to grab from my drawer. Usually I buy at least twice a year for new gears.

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    Depending on how much the person rides I think it can be important to follow a specific time frame. Waiting till the gear is all use up to get new ones can be dangerous.

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    I don't buy new gear very often. I usually buy new safety gear, when i damage my current one. Until than, i rarely think of buying new safety gear.

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    I mostly buy new gear till my current ones get worn out. But now I'm considering changing that. I would rather be safe than sorry.

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    It depends on which part. Most of the time I replace it immediately as soon as there is a sign of worn out. However, for parts that will and tear like tires, brake pad and oil, I donít replace until it is really worn out.

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    Great thread - very curious about this. I'm a new rider and just took the time to purchase a massive amount of new gear and still have more to buy! Wondering if there is a recommended/standard replacement timeframe on old gear? I would imagine some stuff falls into the old faithful category and never really requires replacement like a good jacket etc - but what about gloves/pads? Thanks in advance.

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    I only buy new gear if my current gear is worn out. I will admit that when it comes to buying gear, I try to be as frugal as possible. I'm really not invested in biking gear, opposed to the actual bike. When it comes to my bike, I'm always looking to upgrade, whereas with my gear I look to keep it in tact for as long as I can.

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    I'd like to be frugal as well but I'm quickly realizing I'm being bit by the upgrade bug or maybe it's just good marketing on the part of the manufacturers. Have already replaced my helmet once since buying my bike and I've had it less than 2 years! My gloves and knee pads have fallen victim to this fate as well. My stuff looks great though and recent bonuses at work have allowed me to afford it - so why not?


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