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Thread: What is the first modification you've made?

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    What is the first modification you've made?

    I like to know what CBR owners usually modify first. I didn't make any changes yet but I will be replacing the rear seat cowl this weekend. Itís my wife's idea.

    What is the first modification you've made?

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    The first modification I made to mine is change the color of it. Mines was originally red and black, but I changed it to my old college colors green and black.

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    I adjusted the tires and somewhat modified them.

    Kind of hard to explain but my tires run a lot more smooth when I cleaned and sprayed them with a chemical I have. Making the whole thing go faster!

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    what chemical may i ask???

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    I usually modify the tires first. I'm a big time tire guy and I always want the smoothest and cleanest tires. I also changed the colors on mine.

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    The first modification I'm hoping to make is an after market exhaust system.

    Typically that's the first mod that riders perform on their bike and it seems I'm no exception.

    I'm looking at a slip on Yoshimura. Anyone have any experience with these?

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    Came in to post that I put a slip on Yoshi pipe ^^^

    Love the thing, it sounds great.

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    Well, first I did color. I'm big on aesthetics, so it's gotta look good. Next I changed the tires as I want a smooth ride and I want good tires that I can rely on. Third, the exhaust because it spices up the bike. Gives it a bit of that uniqueness and "me" feel to it when I'm on it. I love how it looks, sounds and feels.

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    I've not made any modifications yet but the first one I plan on making will be to the colour of the bike itself. I'd like to paint mine red to match some of the bikes I've seen posted on this board. There's something so sleek and sexy about a cherry red bike and I really can't wait to see my wife's reaction - it's her favourite colour too! So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks guys for inspiring me with your posts/pictures.

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    Color was the first thing that I did as well. Currently I'm thinking of changing the exhaust and doing a little market research on it. I've seen Yoshimura being mentioned above, I would love to see some more recommendations if anyone has something in their mind.


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