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Thread: How fast have you ever gone with your CBR?

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    How fast have you ever gone with your CBR?

    I just got mine a month ago, CBR 500R and I want to know how fast it can go so I tested its top speed. It can run at 160kph. All stock no mods yet. How fast your bike can go, please post model as well.

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    My brothers can go about 180ishkph.

    Not sure about the model. But its not bad from what I can tell.

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    I maxed out at 170kph.. My friend's CBR500R.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slayeraeb View Post
    I maxed out at 170kph.. My friend's CBR500R.
    Nice, I managed to get at 176kph. But since it was my friend's as well I didn't feel like pushing it too much. Will be different when I get mine.

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    So far, I've done 80 mph. The cops in my area and in Illinois in general are pretty strict when it comes to motorcyclists speeding on the highway or streets.

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    No faster than 80 mph. Cops are strict in my area as well and even worse - my wife is MUCH stricter. I got a bike to have fun and get that unique sensation you can only get when you're riding; not to test my limits or put my life at risk. If my sons one day want to pick up the hobby and ride I want to make sure I'm instilling upon them responsible riding and a core set of safety values. My little ones look and learn every day, especially when dad shows off his Honda!

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    I went about 165 on mine. I went down the freeway in my city late at night with this. Gave me a huge rush, but also a huge scare knowing that cops are always on the freeway I went on. I got away though, so that's all that matters .

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    I don't think I would ever go higher than 40 mph on my cousins CBR. Its too much power for me haha. Maybe in the long run I may try it out to its full potential, but until now, no fun for me.

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    I'm with you jgonz951. Even though I've gone faster than 40 mph it's simply not my comfort zone in any which way or form. I use the excuse of my wife and family a lot but honestly I'm just a big scare-dy cat when it comes to zipping down the highway. I really enjoy riding and the sensation I get from it but I don't believe in risking my life to do so.

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    I have never gone past 85mph, only because there are not many places here where I live that consist of safe, long stretches of road. I am not a one to speed, as much as it is quite tempting riding such a powerful bike and all.


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