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Thread: How fast have you ever gone with your CBR?

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    Yeah, I'm with you there Rexus9000 - I legitimately don't have any areas around me where I can really tear it up, even if I wanted to. My buddy has a friend who has access to a closed track up north and he keeps asking me to go up there with him. I think I might take him up on that offer next year when I'm a bit more comfortable riding. Would be fun to see what my baby can really do!

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    And you sirs. Are crazy. I probably would never go faster than 110km/ph! But still a beginner so I can't say too much :/

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    When my mate let me test drive his CBR500R, I easily got to about 160 mph which is really fast.

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    I went up to 120 before but I got too scared to go up any higher. That was the first and last time I went that fast. I'm not a ruff ryder, I just enjoyed the fact that I'm on a bike cruising in nice weather. =)

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    I dont worry about cops that much, and so far I have done 120 mph on my Cbr500. I dont speed constantly, but the only reason I attempted going that fast was because the highway was completely empty at the time! The Cbr500 may not be a full on sportbike, but it sure does ride like one, that's for sure.


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