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Thread: How much?

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    How much?

    When and how much did you spend on your first bike?

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    I don't remember; it was used and over 52 years ago when I bought it.
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    I bought mine 2000$ way back five years ago, used Honda 150cc TMX Still fully functional till this time. It runs approximately 87kl since then.

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    I was 17 I Guess if I remembered it right. It was a Honda Wave. I think I bough it at around $650-$700. I was pretty young and I was excited. Half of that was my own money and the other half is my brother's. He would end up using it more than I did though.

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    $3500 in 2007 for a used Yamaha R1 Raven. I also had one before that but it was a gift and I didn't really par for it.

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    I didn't spend a cent, my dad did. Well the Keeway matrix back in 2007 when it was released costed $1.2k. Not that much but worth it.

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    I brought mine for about 1700 dollars back in 2001. The bike was awesome in its presentation, speed, power and durability. I would say that I got a pretty good bargain for it.

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    When and how much did you spend on your first bike?

    I received my first bike on my birthday at age 14. We got it from a local store near our home and it was around $800.00.

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    First bike? Streetbike or Dirtbike? If dirt bike I think like $400. My first street bike like was $8k.

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    I spend like 1K on it. It was a really good one. I got it from a friend of mine. He has a new bike so he sold it to me for less and it was new too. It was a really nice green one. I've had it forever and the quality is so good. It never breaks down. It was my first bike too. I love to ride bike and I love looking for bargains on Craigslist.


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