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Thread: When are you retiring?

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    When are you retiring?

    At what age are you planning to stop riding? I know all of us would like to to ride for the rest of our life but at some point we'll most likely not be able to anymore, or it will just become too dangerous. I'm setting mine for when I turn 65. Then I will probably buy a bicycle to stay healthy :P

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    I'll see when I get there. I'm 71 currently, and still riding dirt and pavement.
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    I am not thinking about retiring and actually it is hard to think about it when you are just in your early 20s. But maybe I would continue riding as long as my body still can and as long as I have that "feeling." I think riders know what I mean. We all share the same feeling when we ride and we do the thing that we love.

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    Probably stop riding when my back gives out. Hopefully that will be around 80 or more. I will still ride even when I grow old.

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    It's pretty hard to think about retiring, considering I just started and I'm still in college. But I'd say that I'll probably stop around 60 or 70.

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    I will never retire as long as I'm alive I will ride my bike. I love to ride bikes so the older I am the more enjoyable it is for me to ride it. Why retire? Its such a good hobby. I love to tour my parks or my city in it. I love it if someone is riding along side with me. It makes the weekend a true vacation. Its a true getaway for me. I don't think we should ever retire from it. I hope that I will be in good health to continue to ride it. It saves me gas too so I like that part. Plus all the guys can check me out when I wear my sexy clothing and jeans.


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