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Thread: How often do you get pulled whilst out riding these days then?

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    How often do you get pulled whilst out riding these days then?

    Just wondering if there is still regular random pulling of bikes for trivial reasons (or no reason at all) and if so what you think triggers it? Or do you maybe get pulled often but mostly deserve it?

    I've not been riding long compared to most of you (only 4 years since I passed my test, just over 2 years on the 100 before that) and despite having a number of different bikes in that time and going to all the local biker "meets" often as well as rallies big and small I've never been pulled for anything. (Yet. Touches wood)

    The OH has only been pulled once since I've known him, last year by an arsey bike copper who couldn't prove he was speeding, couldn't find anything else illegal about him or his bike so pulled out a little guage and gave him a 30 ticket for having the letters on his plate (not the plate itself mind, just the letters) too small - by 2mm.

    He reckons in the 70s & 80s him & his mates used to get pulled all the time, for all sorts of reasons.

    Is it cos we are now both old, look reasonably respectable and ride bikes that aren't extreme in any way? Are bikers still the soft target that they used to be? Tell me about your experiences...

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    I've never been pulled over in my life. Its probably because I'm an extremely cautious driver. Its obvious that some cops are just looking to pull over people on bikes, but luckily I haven't met one yet.

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    Where I live there are check points all over so it is quite normal here to be pulled. Just make sure everything is okay and you'll be fine..

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    I have never been pulled over, but I am also only 21. My friends however get pulled over and the normal excuse is "You didn't signal at the turn." etc. But they seem to want to double and triple check that the bike is registered to them and they have a licence for the bike.

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    I reckon that they don't think my 24 year old rat bike is stolen. The gray hair doesn't show until the full-face helmet comes off, so I don't think age enters into it.

    I do have the border patrol stops to pass through, but am normally waved through them when I get to the check point.

    John, 1989 NX250 (daily rider), 2009 CRF230L (L'il Red Piglet)

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    Hey, there is nothing wrong with a classic bike. It looks like you've taken good care of it!

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    Thanks for the kind comment on the bike.

    The front "fairing" is gone, sheared off during the 1st Sheetiron 300 that I had ridden, when we took a wrong turn and wound up in the snow on a mountaintop with closed roads, and had to extricate ourselves somewhat illegally. I've used it as a street bike since mid 2009.

    It runs like a clock. Prolonged fast road trips drop the gas mileage below 70, but I still get a combined 73 mpg (US) from the bike. I bought it used for $1300 at the end of 2006, with 10K miles on it, and dinked with it replacing exciter (bad trouble shooting advice from the shop manual) and fiinally the coil and cdi. Getting it running well in the spring of 2007, I've put on nearly 19,000 miles on it since then. I'll probably pull the valve cover and check valves again this winter. I had to replace all 4 shims soon after getting the bike. I suspect that they had never been checked. The fact that it became harder to start the bike (and good advice from the Adventure Rider NX250 forum) gave me a winter project. Having a couple of running bikes allows you to take your time and do a repair job right the first time. Last winter one of the exhaust shims was in the middle of it's range and I expect I may be replacing it in the next month or two.
    John, 1989 NX250 (daily rider), 2009 CRF230L (L'il Red Piglet)

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    Like some of the people here, I have never been pulled over. I drive very carefully and I try not to get myself in trouble. Some people I know actually drive carefully but they still get pulled over for something they haven't done. It's like the police wants to mess around with people. Some people are really cruel for accusing people for things they don't do. Sometimes they just mistaken themselves.

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    I only got pulled once because I had a passenger back when I was 18. I looked a bit young at that time and I guess they just wanted to double-check.

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    Out of my 18 years experience I'm proud to say never


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