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Thread: Helmets?

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    The spider is my brand when it comes to helmet. During all these years of riding, it is tested and confirmed that Spider helmets have good quality.

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    Its also illegal to ride without a helmet here (I believe its the case in most countries) but you can still see a lot of people riding without one. I've even seen someone ride with a cracked helmet.

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    I don't really know the brand helmet I wear, but I'm leaning towards getting a shoei. They look amazing and I want to get one, thanks to this thread. The one I have is just plain boring.

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    I've been rocking a simple, cheap helmet that I got off of Amazon a few months ago. It's a simple black matte helmet with adjustable visors and all the certifications

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    You've got to find the one that fits best.

    There are different head shapes & different helmet interior shapes to fit
    Even with the same brand helmet they have different models for different head shapes

    Go try a bunch on !!

    You want it to be snug but comfortable.
    you should not have your head moving around inside the helmet

    A good shop will help you with helmet fitting
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    Mine is a red and white Shoei helmet. I think it looks pretty cool but I also own a Shark one. The Shoei one is more comfortable I think.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    My helmet is a black one which suits my black Honda. I have been with my helmet from 6 months and I am in total love with it
    But I avoid using them during summer as temperatures get real high in my country.


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