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Thread: Rear Passenger Grips and Stepped Two-Piece Seat

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    Red face Rear Passenger Grips and Stepped Two-Piece Seat

    The new CBR500R has Rear Passenger Grips and Stepped Two-Piece Seat. Sturdy rear passenger grips offer a firm handhold for your passenger or tie-down points for smaller items. Also the new CBR500R offers a step seat with a low height. Perfect for around-town riding or winding roads, it also offers plenty of room for a passenger, and is specially designed to fit a wide range of riders.

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    Another reason for me to love this bike. While I do prefer riding alone, I often find myself having a passenger, too often actually. And while I do dislike it I still want them to be comfortable during the ride

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    It looks like a nice accessory. I don't recall ever using this accessory on a bike. However, I think that it could be a good thing to have for passengers who may prefer to hold the grips while they are sited.

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    I feel like it would be awkward to ride with the passenger sitting straight up like they would be if they were gripping these handles and not you.


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