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Thread: Do you like the two tone paint? Yes or no?

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    I do like two tone paints, but only with a certain combination of colors.

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    I'm not a real big fan.
    However if this site is giving away any kind of bike I will take it; 2 toned colors and all.

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    It's all about what colors go together. Like maybe blue and white. Black and red or black and green. I'm no expert in color or paint tones but I think blue and white is a good match.

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    Honestly I do, the colors red and black always complemented each other greatly.

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    Paint jobs are like tattoos, some like it some despise it. Some say depends on the design. I personally like to have my paint job on my bike, so it will not look just like anyone else.

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    Yea I like it.

    However I think Blue and black would look cool as well! Considering blue is my favorite.

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    I do enjoy it. If it was my bike though I would have made the lines slightly different by placing the majority of the black towards the front of the back and have the red fade in from the top rear end. Kind of like a "sideways two-tone" paint job. Just my opinion though

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    Does it only come in Red and black? I personally don't like red motorcycles for whatever reason.

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    Two tone paints can be awesome, it really depends on the color scheme and the make/model of the bike. A color scheme on one bike may not look good on a different bike. Personally i'd stick with the solids unless I'd have the money to mod it or the money to buy a SWEET bike that just happened to be two tone.

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    On that bike specifically, it doesn't look too bad. Looks okay, but I feel like it needs a little bit more red to the black. I feel like dual-paint jobs can either turn out terribly or look pretty good, really depends on the bike and the colors. I'm more of a single color person, call me plain! The only problem comes in the pricing. If you want a good dual paint job done then it's going to put a hefty hole in your pocket, but hey isn't any good paint job? It's up to you really and what you like, don't pay too much attention to what anyone else says. As long as you're happy! Goodluck!


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