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Thread: What safety gear do you refuse to leave the house without?

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    Do you guys just leave all your stuff in one spot when you get home? I always seem to lose stuff when I need it

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    Definitely my helmet. It's illegal where I live to ride without a helmet.

    Then it would have to be my jacket and gloves, I just don't feel comfortable riding without them.

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    I just think helmet and safety jacket are all that is required really. I think anyone riding a bike without those is a little crazy, but I would perhaps more understand if it was a less powerful bike than the CBR. I would never ride my bike without this equipment because in doing so I would be endangering my own life.

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    I'm all about safety, so even if I'm late I always make sure to put everything on. Arriving 5 minutes late is worth it to make sure I take every precaution. So I use helmet, jacket, boots, gloves and even thick pants. If I had to choose two, obvious choices are helmet and jacket. They protect the vital parts necessary for survival. I urge everyone to do as I do and take a minute to make sure they're safe! I don't want to see any of my biker bros leaving us early because they were a bit behind schedule. Safety is #1!

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    Oh god - please, please, please never leave the house without a helmet! That's beyond suicide; it's biking sacrilege. There ain't nothing "cool" looking about severe head trauma. I interned at an emergency clinic back when I was thinking about entering the medical field and oh my god the biking related injuries we saw; they were truly, truly haunting. Be safe people.

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    Being in a hurry and riding a motorcycle aren't a good combination. I refuse to leave the house without any item of safety gear. If I'm late for something then I'm late. I'd rather be late and protected than risking going down and having my hands turn into ground hamburg because I couldn't spare an extra minute or two to find my gloves. I'm that guy in you see out there on a 90 degree day covered head to toe in safety gear and I'm loving every minute of it as long as I'm moving haha.

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    I always get up extra early if I know that I'm going to be riding my motorcycle on a given day. I have to be able to leave the house with absolutely everything that I believe is needed when riding a sportbike. I always make sure I atleast where, a racing jacket, gloves, a helmet of course, and riding boots. I try to wear as much gear as I possibly can, so that if anything happens, I'll be ready and prepared for it.


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