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Thread: Official Honda CBR500 Release!

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    Official Honda CBR500 Release!

    Check out this awesome video of the 2013 CBR500!

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    Release Dates:

    2013 Honda CBR500R Release Date - April 2013
    2013 Honda CB500F Release Date - April 2013
    2013 Honda CB500X Release Date - April 2013

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    It is interesting that the video shows one accessory that was mounted on the bike. I think that it permits to have an idea of the look of the bike with and without the accessory. The accessory I am referring to is the sportscreen.

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    Pretty cool.
    I like the ride around town. Sweet!

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    Do these release dates include the different options available for each of the bikes? I believe all of them have an extra option with a better braking system that offers more safety.

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    Love the editing! Makes the bike seem so sleek and smooth to ride, which it is. Hope to see some great things with them bikes

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    Man every time I see a shot of that F from the front it makes me want one. Such a sharp looking bike. I'm not even in the market for a new bike and these videos are putting crazy ideas in my head lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LogiciaBil View Post

    I love this bike! The design is impressing and the colors are awesome. I have always dreamed of getting me a bike like this but never had the chance to. One day I will have something like this!

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    I absolutely love this bike! That video is amazing though, I really like how they edited it, and they did a great job with the scenery effects. I really do think that this bike, is going to be the beginning of an evolution, because most new riders want something similar to a sportbike, but not something that's too slow and not able to keep up on main roads and freeways. I know the sales are probably going through the roof for this bike, I'm just glad I was able to buy mine in time.


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