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Thread: What modifications would you do to your bike if you had the money?

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    I agree, I do NOT like those mirrors. They look... cheap? I don't mind chrome on a bike but if I found a better looking one I wouldn't lose sleep over replacing it.

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    I was just realizing the same thing!

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    I don't really mind the chrome on the bike. If I see something cooler I wouldn't lose sleep replacing it though.

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    Why are my posts getting all messed up?! I don't understand!!!!

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    A new set of mirrors for sure, as well as new headlights probably. The mirrors I have are currently scratched and plastic-looking if you know what I mean. My headlights look like something a little kid would want on his hot wheels motorcycle.

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    Because it is a 2012 bike, I think that giving it the look it deserves could be one of the things to do. Thus, as other people have suggested, changing the mirror could be one of the things to do.

    Aside from the look, the muffler too could be changed if the sound is not great.

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    The mirrors look like the one that is on the CBR250R...a commuter/beginner bike. The sole purpose is functionality!
    I don't think the aftermarket mirrors, although looking better, will be functional at all.

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    Well my mod list is a little long....
    Exhaust, inverted forks, rear shock, Dunlop Front 120/7017 D211GP-A and Rear 160/6017 D211GP-A, Annitori QS, and what ever goodies come available through the EJC series.

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    I guess I'll just change the mufflers, handle grips, levers and side mirrors..

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    godarm, when you say carbon, do you mean carbon fiber, or a carbon color? I am a little knew, so I am not sure what you are referring to accessory wise.


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