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Thread: Why Honda over other brands?

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    The bike is simply really reliable. I've hardly had any issues with it since I got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kavoric View Post
    I feel they are more faster. My cousin had a honda but sold it long time ago. I once rode on the back with him and already knew no other bike could beat a honda.
    I don't feel like this statement is true. Sure, SOME honda's are fast, just like some Suzuiki's are fast. It really depends on the bike.

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    One word "QUALITY"

    Feel free to apply it to every aspect of a Honda motorcycle

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    I believe its just the level of fun I seem to have in or on anything made by Honda.

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    I, personally, believe their salespeople are very very helpful and their prices are competitive. The models, either be a car or motorcycle or etc. are a nice build. There's nothing I can say that Honda does terribly.

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    I chose Honda because of the quality of the product. I just feel that Honda is far above any other brand in its presentation and its durability. I can drive this brand for 15 years and I do not think I would experience any type of problems. I also like the prices. I can get a Honda Bike for a reasonable price compared to other brands, which is important. I never want to spend too much.

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    Honda does make a bulletproof machine. I haven't changed the oil or spark plug in my little CRF50 since I bought it 7 years ago. Still starts up first kick. Gotta love it.


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