Hello, I have been riding on and off for a long time. Haven't had a bike for a couple of years and I'm putting together the money to get a new one. Here's the thing, I am "vertically challenged", I have about a 29 inch inseam. I would really like to get my feet on the ground of whatever I buy. Please don't tell me it doesn't matter, I have been riding for a long time, and I know I hate "tip-toeing". I'm not looking for anything bigger than a 500. I looked at some photos of the upcoming 500 Rebel, and I don't hate it, or course I do love the 28" seat height. I have always ridden sport bikes, I hate the cruiser bikes with a passion. But, I am over 50 and I'm not interested in dragging my knees anymore, just riding around town, maybe getting up some speed on windy roads, but nothing crazy. My question is, what can I do to reasonably get a CB500 down to 29" or even under? What would be the problem with starting with 16" wheels? I know I can get an aftermarket seat, which I think will give me .5 inches. Are there lowering kits for the CB500F that might get me another half an inch? I really don't want to resort to a bike I "don't hate" instead of getting one I love, but I don't want to spend an extra grand to get my feet on the ground of a bike I do love. Any help and/or advice is appreciated.