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    Hey ya'll, I'm Killian from VA Beach and I'm a lifelong Hondaphile. I've had numerous Civics, Accords, 2 CRX's, my current CR-Z, two Elite scooters, and now a CTX 700n. I took my safety course on a Nighthawk 250 and was dead set on buying a white CB500F but ended up with my CTX; my dealer didn't have the naked F model and wasn't gonna order it until money was put down-and I really liked the CTX when I sat on it. But I still think about the CB500F lookin all sexy and am thinking about adding yet another Honda to my collection. So that's why I'm here-

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    Welcome !..........
    1984 VF500F
    2007 VFR 800
    2013 CBR500RR

    PM me for your vinyl needs


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