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Thread: New bike owner checking in

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    New bike owner checking in

    Hello all, I picked up my first bike last Friday which is a brand new 2013 CBR500R. The bike had 1 mile on it when I picked it up at the dealer. I didn't have my M endorsement yet, so I had a friend ride it out of the the dealership for me. I took my motorcycle safety course and license testing this past weekend. I passed everything and got my M endorsement today at the DMV. After work I went for my first ride with an experienced friend. We did aprox 50 miles. I will say I am happy with my new bike. The way it feels in the corners, the riding position, etc. all feel good to me. There is enough power on tap that I don't feel like I would be in trouble if I need to avoid a situation. Anyway, my bike is red and I am loving it so far!

    Here's what it looked like on the showroom floor.

    Mileage at pickup.

    After I had a friend ride it from the dealer to my work last Friday.
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