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Thread: New Bike First Oil Change and Type of oil

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    Question New Bike First Oil Change and Type of oil

    How critical is it to change oil at 300m or 500 km mark?
    Long weekend here and all the shops are closed.

    Second Question:
    Oil - Synthetic or non-synthetic?

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    I use dino oil during the break-in period. Because I'm old, and use the bikes locally (not touring) I do frequent oil changes (600-650 miles with the trail bike and 1000-1200 miles (change oil filter every 2nd/3rd time) with the street bike). Castrol GTX10W-40 has no energy conserving stuff (friction reducers that may effect clutch performance) so it is good for me.

    Your bike uses 10W-30 (5W-30?) so you will need to do your own oil evaluation.

    You can't hurt yourself using the recommended Honda oil. It just costs a tad extra.

    PS I've only had two new bikes in my lifetime. Lots of used ones but just two brand new ones.

    PPS The emphasis on engine braking is to get the rings seated properly.
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