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Thread: Will you be upgrading to a larger bike, after riding your Cbr500?

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    Will you be upgrading to a larger bike, after riding your Cbr500?

    I love riding my Cbr500, and I ride it every single day of the week, considering the fact that it's my main mode of transportation back and fourth to work. I really like the engine power that the bike produces, and I like being able to keep up with other riders on weekend outings. I was thinking about upgrading to a Yamaha R6, or Kawasaki Zx6r after atleast two years of riding my Cbr500. Does anyone else plan on upgrading after awhile?

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    I'm a new rider and was initially thinking of getting the 250 but then decided to try the 500. Honestly its a great bike and has enough to keep up with what I wan to do. My commute is 50 miles daily and getting anywhere from 55-60mpg is awesome! Maybe in 3-5 years I might upgrade, but man this just enough power and fun for me!

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    My next bike that is bigger is a Cruiser. Either a HD-Ultra Glide or a 2014 Indian. However I currently own a larger bike used for long touring rides. it is a 2010 Honda NT700v

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    Oddly enough, I did it the other way around and bought the bigger bike first.

    I'm what they call a "Returning Rider" - i.e. an old fart who used to ride bikes many years ago and who fancies either recapturing my lost youth or maybe (if things don't go well...) preventing my having an old age...

    So I bought an NC700SA earlier this year, which I really enjoy riding. But, although the 700 eats up the kilometres in very fine style there's just something special about the fun factor of a slightly smaller and lighter bike that's hard to beat. I took a CBR500R for a test ride yesterday and smiled all the way. So I bought it today.

    I had considered a 250 as a 'backup bike', but I'm really glad I went up to the 500. When I was young a 500cc was considered quite big and a very capable bike, and even today in many parts of the world the majority of riders own smaller capacity bikes. The 500 seemed light enough to feel very easy to ride and manoeuvre, yet powerful enough to take on anything I might want it to do. A nice balance of characteristics.

    There's really no need to trade up to a bigger bike just because you've mastered a 250 or 500, unless you have a clear need (or desire...) for a bigger bike. I plan to keep both Hondas, because I enjoy working on bikes as much as riding them, so one or the other will probably be partly dismantled at any given stage.

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    I am desperate to own the Honda ST1300 Pan European.

    Click image for larger version. 

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