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Thread: At what age did you start riding?

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    At what age did you start riding?

    I started riding motorcycles at the age of sixteen, and yes I was still in highschool! My first bike was a Honda Cbr250, and now I currently ride the Cbr500. To this day I still have my Cbr250 sitting in my garage as a backup motorcycle, and I may ride it from time to time. So at what age did you start riding?

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    I started around age 14 cause where I live it was the main mode of transportation. Everyone ride their bikes around. There were no cars but now that I'm in the US, I drive more often to work and there are cars available. I love to ride since a young age. It feels so free to ride on the road. I would drive to another state if I could on it. I love road trip so riding on my bike for fun is a true treat for me. In my old country, the average age for riders are around 13. They all knew how to ride them.

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    Probably started riding at around 20. I started riding a lot more when I was about 22 or 23. I think 23 was when I got my first bike and started riding more often than driving a car.

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    I am almost 42 and have been riding since I was 16. ridden many bikes super sport, sport, sport touring, cruiser, and Enduros.

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    From memory, I would have been 17 when I started riding on the roads. Started on a BSA Bantam 150, then a BSA 250 which was my regular transport for a while until I could afford cars. Had a few other bikes for fun along the way (a Yamaha RD350 and a Norton 850 Commando are two that I can recall).

    Now - after a bit of a car driving bike-less gap, and half a century after owning the Bantam - I've got back into riding. 67 seems like a reasonable age to start enjoying a second youth, doesn't it?...


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