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Thread: Man bought a bike and got killed right when he left the dealership

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    Man bought a bike and got killed right when he left the dealership

    SAN ANTONIO - A motorcyclist died Tuesday evening following what police called a tragic accident on the city's Northwest Side.

    It happened just before 6:00 p.m. on the IH-10 Eastbound frontage road near Northwest Parkway.

    The motorcyclist, identified as 25-year-old Ruben Arizmendi, had just purchased a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja at Alamo Cycle Plex prior to the fatal accident.

    "When he exited the driveway onto the frontage road, he lost control of the bike and it slid into the path of an oncoming vehicle," said SAPD Sgt. Steven Lovelady.

    According to Lovelady, the motorcycle slid across three lanes of traffic before Arizmendi was run over by a Toyota 4-Runner.

    The woman behind the wheel of the SUV tried to miss the rider, but ended up hitting him.

    Even though the victim was wearing a helmet, he suffered ma##ive head injuries and died at the scene.

    Based on what accident investigators have learned so far, Arizmendi had little to no experience on a motorcycle and didn't have a motorcycle license.

    The sales team at Alamo Cycle Plex reportedly knew he was inexperienced and offered to have the bike delivered to his house, but Arizmendi insisted on driving it home.

    Sadly, his mother came to the dealership with her son and saw the accident unfold right in front of her.

    "Unfortunately mom was following behind him in a vehicle and witnessed it," Lovelady said. "It was a tragic and horrific accident especially for family members to have witnessed it."

    The driver of the SUV is not expected to face any charges. Police said she was not distracted and tried to avoid hitting the victim but he slid under her vehicle.

    Motorcyclist struck, killed leaving dealership | News - Home

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    Wow, what a sad story. I guess its fun to ride but always try to be safe when you ride them. I think safety comes first when it comes to riding your bike and always do it on streets where there aren't that many traffic. You would get into problems on the freeway because the speed is way too high and people drive very poorly. You should try to avoid busy traffic cause it's just not the thing to do. There are so many bad drivers out there. If you drive on a low speed street, it's probably is better. I wouldn't dare to ride my scooter in Las Vegas street. There are so many drunk drivers here and this is party city where people are always drunk so I wouldn't want to ride a scooters around those areas.


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