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Thread: How often do you ride your motorcycle?

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    How often do you ride your motorcycle?

    I ride my bike every single day, considering the fact that it is my main form of transportation. I ride to work every morning and back home in the evening. I also ride during the weekends with friends while were in the mountains. So how often do you ride your motorcycle?

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    I do most of my riding after work and on the weekends. I try to get as far away from traffic as possible and that means no commuting to work for me.

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    I ride it almost every day for fun after work. I live close by a park and I take it out for rides with my brother. We both ride them. I would go around town with him. I do it every weekend. I do it after work every day just to relax. I would go out for about two hours and then come back. I would do it daily if I could but I live in a city where there are many drunk drivers so I only ride when I can.

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    I ride mostly on weekends. Only when it's nice outside and not raining a whole lot. I used to ride to work but I started commuting with other coworkers.

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    I ride everyday to and from work and on weekends. As long as not raining. I will ride in the snow but not in rain.

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    I'm retired, so it's only when I leave the house and the subdivision, unless it is raining when I'm leaving the house. If it is raining when I leave, I drive the miata to keep my wife from worrying.

    Often however, I can get the raingear in the saddle bag and depart during a lull. She hears "it wasn't raining when I left home" way more than she wants to.

    Plus, it doesn't rain much in southern Arizona.
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    I have just ordered the Revit Pacific H2o waterproof suit so that I can ride to work every day no matter what the weather is like.

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    ride everyday to work.


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