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Thread: Hey! First bike advice.

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    Hey! First bike advice.

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about grabbing my first motorcycle for awhile now. Quick question, would you guys recommend a CBR for a first bike?

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    A CBR is definitely one very good option for a starter bike!

    Depending on your budget, where you will be riding, and if you have any experience riding bikes there are a variety of different models for a first bike.

    Most people tend to lean towards purchasing a 250cc bike for their first purchase, since it's not too expensive and there is still more than enough power to get around.

    Most people have thought that buying a 600cc is not a good beginner bike just because it's a lot of power for beginners. However, the new CBR500 is a great compromise between the two!

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    For a first bike I would say go for it! It's not too expensive but it's still good enough to get around and get experience. If I may ask, what made you decide to start biking? I'm always interested in the responses

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    From what I know, the CBR is quite great for beginners. I've been practicing on my cousins and it is quite nice! I feel that the bike is really comfortable and really nice to use.


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    Welcome! What made you want to ride a bike?

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    A CBR is indeed a good bike and you should choose one depending on your preference.

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    Welcome to the forum Chody. Of course it's a great first bike. Just make sure you take a MSF course before you start riding and you should be somewhat safe.

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    You are right a CBR is a really good starter bike and I'm planning on getting me one as well! Thank you for the awesome information, helps me a lot! Have a good day! See you around town.


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