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Thread: Top 5 things that attract you in a bike.

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    Mine would be pretty much like everyone else's list.

    1. Safety
    2. Design
    3. Handling
    4. Color
    5. Mileage

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    I would say the engine performance and reputation of the motorcycle. A good brand that I can trust like Honda. I guess I have always love Japanese products because its very high in quality. I'm looking for quality and performances. I'm looking for the style of the motorcycle. Style is also everything to a rider. I love the bike that resembles me. Its says that's her on it. I love the art design on it. I would like to have my bike with designs or else I would get it on my own or do it on my own. I would like the colors on it. I prefer black or green or red. I like to see the extra features on it. That would attract me a lot. I would like the overall look and feel of it.


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