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Thread: Noobie here !

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    Noobie here !

    Thanks for letting me join

    Just bought a CBR500R today

    Wonderful FUN bike to ride

    Puts a smile on my face every time I get on & go !

    Celebrating the year of the "Mile a Minute" -60
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    Welcome to the Forum! I'm a new biker too! If you have any questions or want to know anything feel free to use any forum and I or anyone else on here would be more than happy to help you! Have fun and happy biking!

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    Welcome to forum! That's great! instantly joining the community after getting your bike The forum would be really helpful for your biking need. Once again hope you enjoy your stay!


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    Ahh lucky you! Make sure you post pictures so I can drool over! LoL

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    Hi there, what a pleasure to meet you! We came on here for similar reasons, to meet new people and contribute to this community. I hope you enjoy the site and meet plenty new people, If you ever need assistance, just shoot me a message, I'm quick to answer!


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