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Thread: How to deal with the fear of leaning?

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    I had the same fear your little brother did, I thought my tires were going to slip on the pavement. In addition to a motorcycle safety course I would recommend riding some bike trails locally. They require a lot of leaning and weaving in and out of trees, it would help him get more comfortable.

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    Well I'm teaching my little brother how to ride and there's an issue I unfortunately cannot deal with. He seems to stiffent up when having to lean the bike, especially when taking corners. He says it scares him. Since I never had this fear I'd like to know how to help him.

    Well, first of all, you have to gradually work your way up to not fear the bike. I started riding my bike at the age of 14 and my Dad spent many hours out the day going over the basic rules and traffic hazards. I have learned so much by him guiding me and I ride smooth and comfortably everyday!

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    I think everyone get scare right in the beginning but as you go along you will reduce your fear when you know how to ride it. Its just like learning how to drive. It gets really scary at first but as your days go by, you will be a professional. You just need to practice in a park where there is no traffic and allow him to do all the turn. He should also wear protective gear like helmet, jeans, knee pads, elbow pads, just in case there is an accident and he falls so he's protected. You would allow him to practice at low speed and then when he's comfortable he can go up in speed.


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