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Thread: Riding Tips

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    Considering how much "practical crap" is taught in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses in the US and Canada, a new rider is foolish not to start there.

    I had to leave home to get a motorcycle, but in 1960 there were no courses. You learned by trial and error. Injuries and deaths were higher per mile ridden back then.
    I think that making these courses a compulsory step would help reduce the rate of beginner accidents. Most people would find these courses annoying but it would definitely make the roads safer.

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    It wasn't really hard for me to get the hang of riding. I did have a hard enough time though going on the streets. But I got used to it and now I can't wait to ride outside.

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    The best tip you will get is to just have fun and take precautions when needed not when you feel like it.

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    Great thread! Managed to gather lots of tips, thanks OP and everyone who contributed! But one question how about someone who is completely new to biking, never rode a bicycle in their life. EVER. A mate of mine is keen to learn and my friends are stresing out trying to teach him!


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    Agreed about everyone should HAVE to take the motorcycle safety course.

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    My first tip would be to look where you want to go. If you have ever fixated on a tree and almost crashed into it you will know what I'm talking about. Another tip would be to learn to ride without the use of the rear brake. And last but not least, in turns less brakes and more gas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwright201083 View Post
    For those who grow up around motorcycles, the skill is something they begin developing at an early age. Others, though, may dream of it for years and never get the chance. I remember when I was much younger, my wife, a child and a friend at the time, lived near me. Her brother was a big dirt bike fan and he would constantly be riding along the path that connected our adjoining property, gunning the throttle and ripping up our flowers. He eventually graduated to a street bike and as I grew older myself and became more interested in riding. I never had the ability to learn young and I'm sure that there are many enthusiasts out there who would love to ride but have had neither the chance nor the time to learn. If one has never ridden but has a fierce determination to learn, what tips might you give them? Is it best to pay for lessons or is the skill easily self-taught as long as you resign yourself to a few cuts and bruises?

    My Top 5 Riding Tips for you is very important and beneficial. First, you want to make sure you are buckled correctly, or sitted correctly on the bike, with hands straight on the wheel and feet straight on the petals. Next, calm your nerves, you never wan't to go out for a ride with a bad mood, stay relaxed and chill. Third, Make sure you have had atleast 8 hours of sleep the following night before turning on the bike. Fourth, Always wear your helmet, this is extremely important and can have many consequences if not properly applied. And last, drive at the correct speed limit, ignore that biker who wan'ts to challenge you on the road and drive according to the speed limit, this will insure you stay safe and free.

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    Good advice! This is always the best way to learn properly. Just sticking with the basics and gradually moving up.

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    Thank you for sharing. For me, I would advise people to consider safety always when riding their motorcycle to work or on the freeway or in a busy street. Its fun to ride but you want to always be safe so you could have many more rides afterward. I would also advise for people to always check up their motorcycles and then maintain it well for a smooth ride. Always be visible and use signals when you're on the road so cars can see you and avoid cutting people off too much.


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