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Thread: Yes or no to ABS

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    Yes or no to ABS

    I think that the CBR500 is small enough that ABS really wouldn't do much. It is more of a safety blanket to make you feel better than anything else, and I don't really think it is worth the extra $500.

    Does anyone out there have any stories about how ABS saved their butts on a similar sized or smaller bike?

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    I don't have any stories of my own but the CBR500 save my friend life countless time.. For me it is not worth the extra $500 but if you ask my friend, it is.

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    I don't have any story but I still think that the ABS is still worth the extra $500. True it might be barely useful, but you never know when you'll find yourself in a situation where it could save your life.

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    I was forced into the getting them by my wife! I'm definitely happy that I did though as safety's a big concern for myself as well. I'm a beginner and I believe you can never be too careful when it comes to riding bikes. I've heard too many stories where ABS breaks have saved lives - most of them from my friends who ride all the time. If you have the money I would definitely recommend you do it.

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    Yes the ABS is totally worth it. It has been proven that ABS really helps with accidents. I am a huge advocate for safety when it comes to motorcycles, and think any extra protection is worth it. I think that 500 dollars is nothing when talking about your life.

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    I don't see why not to get ABS. It comes on virtually all cars for the same reason and it can save your life when the time comes. Your life is not worth 500$. And this being a motorcycle should get all the protection possible.

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    Funerals cost a lot more than $500, just pointing that out.

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    I guess it depends on what you're used to.

    If you are a new rider, I would probably suggest dishing out the extra $500 for the ABS if you can afford it.

    It is something that you will rarely use but it just might save your life.

    It can definitely be helpful in some situations but it is still no substitute for riding skills.

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    I've been looking into ABS breaks more and more as I have a friend who wants to get into riding and I really can't stress enough how important they are. I took ABS breaks on my bike and haven't regretted it for a moment. The science of ABS doesn't lie - definitely, PLEASE get ABS if you can afford them. Really, $500 invested today could save your life years down the line; so important.

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    Yes, I believe so. Safety is a problem when it comes to bikes, we're more susceptible than cars. $500 to save your life isn't much. A life is invaluable. For me it's always family first and I'd hate to leave them early, so I definitely got them. Even if you don't want it for your friends/family, think about it this way - do it for yourself as it can save your life and you can ride more! Hope I helped, I know it was a bit preachy, but it really is worth it!

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