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Thread: How often you change oil?

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    About every two months? Give or take a month!

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    From experience, I can tell 2000-3000 miles is a good checkpoint to change your oil, depending on how often you use your bike as well. If it's over the course of a longer time, I believe you can lean closer to 3000, but if you use your bike regularly, my advice would be that you change it closer to 2000 rather than 3000.

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    I always change oil every 2-3 months or when I reach about 2000 miles. I really like to maintain my bike and I get really annoyed when it breaks down so I keep it well-maintained and well-oiled.

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    This is one of those topics that everyone seems to have there own personal preference. I think every 3k miles or 3 months is a good number. I usually just go every 3 months unless I'm racking up miles in the twisties.

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    Am I missing something? The owners manual says every 12,000 km.
    I'm a new bike owner, I'm not claiming to be an expert, but we follow the manual for everything else don't we?

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