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Thread: How often you change oil?

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    We modify acquire every single two or three weeks, however numerous a long way We've accumulated. We find it more secure compared to expecting a certain landmark since i have usually forget those people.

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    I alter from the milage total normally around 2000. My partner and i are in a pleasant climate and trip extremely on a regular basis even though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sh4dowkiller View Post

    Don't ever let her do that again! It could and probably did damage her internals of her engine, and realistically could have injured her.

    For the rest of this forum, just follow your maintenance guide, break the engine in, switch to synthetics. Then change the oil every 1500 miles max!

    On a car the recommendation is to change your oil every 3000 miles!

    Hmmm...... not sure about that as there are cars now that have 18,000mile service intervals. The Honda NC700x motorcycle has oil change intervals of 8,000miles, or at least once a year depending on how much mileage you do.

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    For better protection, change the oil every 3,000 miles or in between three to six months.

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    I think every couple of months is sufficient enough. Taking into account the mileage though is important too, I agree that every 3,000 miles seems about right.

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    I change my oil once a month.

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    Every 4000 miles has to be a green thumb from me. It usually takes 3 or more months to reach it, so I'm not out constantly buying oil :P

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    I change it every 3 months though I have some friends who say every 2 months is the way to go. Personally, I've done some research and every 3 months is fine. I'll see how things go down the line as I'm still a fairly new owner; if I see something doesn't seem or feel right maybe I'll start changing every 2 months. I see there's varying opinions here on this board - seems everyone you ask has a different answer. Be interested to get a mechanic's take on it.

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    Usually I change oil every four months, but I just measure the oil and test the darkness. If its too dark then its time for a change, and if its still a little brown then its good for another few hundred miles. Sometimes I put a can of SeaFoam onto it to clean the engine.

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    I make sure mine gets done between 2,500 and 3k miles. You do things that way, you'll never have a problem.


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