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Thread: Do you drink and drive?

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    Never will, never have. I was driving my car home and came up on a motorcycle vs car accident. Rider was dead, I learned later he was drinking.

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    I agree with Thor. I never have and never will. I've seen wayyyy to many fatalities in my time to even consider drinking and driving. Call a taxi! Paying the toll is better then being dead.

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    No way. Not now. Not ever.

    That is one of the most dangerous things you can do while operating a motorcycle.

    Not only do you put yourself in danger, but you also put in danger the lives of others.

    There's a reason why it's illegal.

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    If I do drink and drive its only a little bit, nothing to get me even remotely close to drunk. I would never put myself or any other drivers on the rode in that type of positions because I have had a few friends seriously injured and there is nothing worse then that.

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    I will never drink and drive. Some people say they are able to control themselves. However, it is extremely dangerous and not worth the risk. Not only are you putting your own life at risk when you drink and drive, but you are putting everybody else's lives at risk. It is not worth it.

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    Being in the military no way. Too risky for both my life and others, and also my career. I couldn't imagine jeopardizing my family over a few drinks.

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    I only have a beer then go, nothing illegal! I hope to never ever get caught, guessing I never will seeing as I never drank enough to be over the limit anyways! Word of advice, NEVER drink and drive. There are so many stories going around about being caught.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nhoelb View Post
    Riders in movies are portrayed by a big man with a beard and a black jacket, and most of the time drinking beers. Do you usually drink beer when touring?

    I do not like to drink and drive at the same time because it has many consequences and can be very deadly. The best thing to do is simply wait until your done riding before having that drink of beer or alcohol of some sort. This reason being because you never know when something can happen as your driving, you can fall asleep or even faint. Just be cautious!

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    I drank and drove before but never on a bike. I got some DUI's under my belt but that's another story. I can't imagine on a bike though. When you turn and lean you might make a slight mistake and bam! Anyways, I wouldn't drink and drive again but I will definitely drink and drive always just not at the same time. =)

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    I think it's a no no and I would get pull over in the US for sure. You might be able to do this in another foreign country for sure. In my old country, no one cares what you drink while you ride your bike. I do not drink and drive period. I just don't think I can do it. I can drink a soda in my car but that's about it. I do not want to get a ticket for sure. It's dangerous to drink and drive but I've seen people do it bit a beer. I guess that hows the hardcore rider do it.


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