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Thread: Do you maintain your Honda CBR yourself? Or you let a mechanic do it.

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    I do not it myself. I don't know a lot about mechanical things, so I opt to let someone else do this for me. I rather pay a little more to get it fixed and maintained rather than do it myself. I feel like I would mess something up on my bike LOL.

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    I maintain it myself. Saves me more money that way. Plus like a person said earlier, there are many youtube tutorials on how to maintain bikes.

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    I wish my Pa taught me more about welding and using my hands when I was a kid. I would love to save some money doing some tune ups to my bike rather than getting charged in arm and a leg to bring it out to a shop. I have a buddy in the Navy that is a mechanic. When he is in town I always try to get him over to take a look.

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    I also do the basics on my own but for the more intense things I must say that I don't trust myself... I also have some mates who help me out with these things. I'm still a newbie so yeah, can't say too much :P

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    I try to do the maintenance myself and follow tutorials on the internet if there's something I don't know about. In my opinion everyone should do their own maintenance in order to get to know their bikes. A day might come where you would need to fix your bike yourself and that's when the practice from before comes handy. It's also a good way to save the money you would blow on the maintenance.

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    For the most part, I try to maintain my Cbr500 by myself. I do this because I know that the job will be done right and I also save money at the same time. I usually wash the bike, check the fluids, tighten the bolts, and all the non technical stuff by myself. When it comes to changing spark plugs, and tampering with the engine, I leave it up to a professional so that I dont mess anything up.


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