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Thread: What safety gear do you refuse to leave the house without?

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    Yes, I agree with you there roflmawafl. My friend wanted to ride his buddies bike just around the block, and he didn't even get about 15mph before he wiped out and cut his brow bone up, skinned his arm, and chipped a tooth. There was blood everywhere. All of this and he only got about 30 yards from the house. I would hate to see what a 40mph crash would do without gear. This is another reason I won't let anyone ride my bike with out gear either.

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    I never forget my helmet, shoes and gloves. I fell once without gloves and my hands were all messed up because I didn't wore good gloves.

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    I don't go riding without my helmet. I also try to bring a jacket. I'm looking into getting gloves but don't really think they're necessary.

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    Number 1 is definitely the helmet. I have seen many accidents where bikers get hurt because they didn't wear any helmets. If there's anything you need to protect, it's definitely your skull. Number 2 would be a protective jacket. If you fall, your normal reaction is to protect yourself using your arms. The jacket acts as a cushion for any fall. It also lessens the possibility of having a lot of skin scraped off from your arms.

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    I wouldn't leave my house without a helmet. I also wear a rider jacket and gloves, but i never leave without my helmet. It's also illegal to ride without a helmet so..

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    In short, everything. I just started and my wife is very apprehensive about my leaving the house without ALL my gear. My kids call me "Mr. Terminator" because by the time I leave the house I look like a robot. I really don't mind though - it gives me peace of mind too to know that should the worst happen I'd be as protected as I possibly could be.

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    My helmet and my jacket. Have to have those two items at all times and I would encourage everyone else to have those two items as well.

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    100% Helmet and Jacket, I would never leave my driveway without those items. Any little bump in a street bike can be dangerous. Safety First.

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    I refuse to leave my house without lots of safety equipment. Safety is so important to me while riding my bike and I take it very seriously. First of all I will never ride without a helmet. You have to protect your head! Also I will always wear long pants while riding because this would help if I ever fell off my bike. Finally gloves are a must, you have be able to brace yourself for a fall and without protection on your hands you would certainly be doomed.


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