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    Hello from Camarillo CA, Zero Gravity is looking for a CBR500R Bike for R&D!

    Hello Fellow Riders & CBR500R owners,
    We would like your help for us to continue and finalize our step in making this screens a reality. ZG is looking to find a local person in the Ventura County area with this bike to loan us for 2~3weeks.

    Why the long time to make a screen??

    This bike model has painstaking steps to uninstall and install process, also it's a pretty crazy mold to duplicate. Given these obstacles, ZG is committed to the excellence it's know for, fit and finish!

    So, if you are that person or know of a person with a bike local to us, give us a call at 805-388-8803 or email me at [email protected]. The time provided to us gets you our very first production screen + bragging rights with your bro's...

    Thank you for your time,

    JT Lepien
    Zero Gravity

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