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    Why would you recommend a Honda CBR500R over any other bike?

    Am debating whether or not to buy the bike, seeing as I really want a car I can't make up my mind
    Thanks for any responses or help.

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    This is a subjective question. It depends on ones needs and desire for riding. If they want to adventure off-pavement and on pavement then a Dual sport of some kind. If they want a laid back ride then a cruiser of some sort that fits their experience and desire to use. If their new to sport bikes and riding then 100% yes. Why? Glad you asked. One can use all gears legally, has enough power and forgiveness, looks great, and can give smiles all day long. One can use as a sport touring as well if they wish to pack minimum. Gets great gas, great on insurance, and can live with for several years without feeling like they have to upgrade.


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